Ubuntu Anki not working

Hello, I just downloaded Anki on my Ubuntu system and cannot seem to get into it. When I open the application it gives me an error saying that Anki does not support the new timezone handling yet and also tells me to revert to the legacy handling. How do I do this? I looked everywhere in the app and also in my system settings and cannot find where to do this. Love Anki and would like to use it on this system too.

I’m pretty sure it tells you AnkiDroid with version 2.14 or ealier does not support the timezone handling yet. If you just wanna use it on the Desktop, you can just use the new timezone handling.

My guess is you were using your distro’s version of Anki, which is out of date. The error message is confusing in that case, as that case wasn’t considered when the error was written.