Anki shows cards that I have already answered yesterday (again)

Anki show cards that I have already answered yesterday
I tried to update anky, restart it but nothing helped.

I use 2 Anki desktop and Anki mobile. Cards that are shown anew were answered on Anky mobile (and synced of cause).

You can easily see that it’s not an issue of sync, beacuse Anki “knows” that it had already showed me this card. Card on the picture is shown today (23 Oct), but the previous review on the “Info” page was yestarday (22 Oct).

The the history at the bottom doesn’t match the stats at the top, it indicates you’ve forgotten to sync at the start and end of each session.

Thanks for the answer,

Do I understand you correct: in the following scenario I could encounter the same issue?

  1. devices are synced.
  2. I begin progress on device 1 deck 1
  3. I continue progress on device 2 filtered deck 2
  4. sync on both devices


That’s correct. And building filtered decks will also mark cards as modified.

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