Anki Segmentation Fault

Hello all,

I’ve run into an issue with Anki that seems to have come from nowhere, conveniently the night before an exam I’m studying for :smiling_face_with_tear:

On Anki 23.10.1 for macOS 14.1, the app crashes when in the browse window with multiple cards selected, I click on a single card to deselect the other cards. Qt stack frames in the crash log indicate the crash happens during QWidget::hide(), likely while Anki is updating the UI after deselecting those cards.

Crash Details:

  • Anki version: 23.10.1
  • OS version: macOS 14.1
  • Steps to reproduce:
    1. In browse window, select multiple cards
    2. Click on one card to deselect the others
  • Crash log ID: 761578
  • Crash type: Segmentation fault in QWidget::hide() call

The issue appears related to Anki incorrectly or unexpectedly hiding Qt UI widgets when deselecting previously selected cards in the browse window. I appreciate any help, and please let me know if any other details would be helpful in debugging further!

Maybe downgrade to the previous stable version 2.1.66 for the time being? You can find it on the Releases page. Scroll down to the 2.1.66 section, and at the bottom of that section, click on “Assets” to expand and view the downloadable files.

I’ve had pretty good experience with the homebrew package sytem in the past. try installing Anki as a cask using that.

Homebrew casks are made from the official Anki releases, so they should behave identically to the copies on the releases page.

Using ‘reset window sizes’ in the preferences screen prior to opening the browser may help.

Thanks for your suggestions, everyone. Miraculously it just started working a few hours later without my having done anything…

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