Anki Scheduling problem

I’ve come to know that the default schedule has a problem called “ease-hell”. This basically means a user will see questions marked easy repeatedly as the interval increases rapidly ( which makes them forget the card after sometimes). My question is, if it has a problem why it is not adjusted yet ?

Firstly, term “ease-hell” means something totally different, Here you can read in more details:
Secondly, you can try to use FSRS4Anki, which seems to not share this flaw: GitHub - open-spaced-repetition/fsrs4anki: A modern Anki custom scheduling based on free spaced repetition scheduler algorithm

I think the cause of Ease Hell is cramming learning, not algorithms.
Basically, difficult cards have shorter intervals, easy cards have longer intervals. If all cards are difficult because of cramming learning, the proper work of the algorithm is to make all intervals shorter.
If learning cards before, fix difficult cards, and pressing buttons properly can solve it, but they don’t have the time.

While there are some users who end up with low eases, based on the collections I come across, it’s less of an issue than the people talking about it might have you believe. It can happen if you use again or hard frequently in comparison to the good button, and tends to occur when trying to learn a lot of new cards per day. Adding one or more learning steps of a day or more will allow you to spend more time acquiring the card without the ease decreasing if you forget it.

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