Anki refuses to start when you have a secondary system language on Ubuntu/Linux + FIXES for users

Pop!OS (Ubuntu) 22.04
Anki 2.1.52 & 2.1.53

When adding a secondary language but leaving en-us as your primary, anki will throw an error: couldn’t process include statement for us std

Fix (either one of those):

  1. Set your secondary language as primary and leave en-us as secondary, this bug only happens for en-us
  2. Remove your secondary language and leave system language only en-us
  3. Switch to the non-en-us language while launching then switch back

as a clarification, you only need to perform one of the 3 provided solutions

TBH, I’m not completely sure about what is a secondary language (I don’t think it’s a general Linux feature). Could you provide some more details about:

  • how you add / remove a secondary language;
  • what exactly happens if you try to launch Anki with a secondary language set.

This is Certain keyboard layouts cause Anki to crash on startup · Issue #1814 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

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