Anki Q6 is very slow

I instaled the latest version of Anki Q6 on my desktop with Win 11. It runs unbelivable slow. Disabling add-ons, restarting, reloading etc. doesn’t help.
Q5 runs normally, but the “browse” function stopped to work there. When I try to browse, program hangs and message appears finally that I need to close Anki.
Again, the problem is not related to add-ons or error by installation. Reinstalled Q5 and Q6 several times, the results are the same.

Can you clarify what you’ve done that makes you certain of that? Because both what you’re describing in Qt6 and Qt5 sound like they are. (Please also post Help > About > Copy Debug Info .)

Have you done the rest of the Troubleshooting checklist? Troubleshooting - Anki Manual

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I did, and tried to change video driver for Q6, it did not help.
After receiving your responce I deciced to look in troubleshooting manual again and found that I did not try to change video driver in Q5. I Relpaced GL driver with ANGLE and it fixed the problem with Q5, at least for now.
Thank you.
And this info may be useful for other users who have the same problem.
Q6 I can’t fix, working now with Q5.

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