Anki profile and windows accounts

Hi guys,

a dummy question I can’t figure out myself: I installed anki app in my pc and created 2 profile for my two sons, everything ok. Now as DAD began again and having kids on pc, I decided to create 2 specific kid-window-account for them as possible in windows (for parental control monitoring).

Now something has changed which I do not properly understad: in their account some of the general app still appears other don’t (understand the rule), anki does (fortunately) but when I launch it i realize I lost their profiles and I don’t know how to connect them (with decks and repetition history) again.

Someone can help please?

Thank you very much in advance!!

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export collection from your original anki (where you created the profiles originally) and import those collection files (.colapkg or somthin) into the respective profiles

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Thank you D’Avena, that was my last option, I thought I had messed up something in accounts config, so I’ll go for this. Thank you very much for your quick reply!

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