Anki only makes 2 Cards instead of 3

Hi I study spanish with the Flashcardtypes of Gabriel Wyner (Fluent Forever). The Cards a a mix out of picture, text and audio. A few weeks ago it still worked. When I added a card I got one card, that asked to „fill in the sentence“ with the full sentence in the second card. And I got a third card that played the audio of the word and I had to guess it. There are also other fields on the card I can fill out like „ask for root form“ or „define the word“.
But Now it is the case that it always creates only 2 cards. Just the sentence with the space and the solution on the back. When I go into the card template I can even see the third card and the sound works fine. Only if I go into the preview or see the cards in the deck, there are always just 2 Cards.

On these new notes you’ve added, have you put something in all of the necessary fields to create that 3rd card? If the field(s) on the front of a card are empty, Anki doesn’t create the card (because the front would be blank …) – Card Generation - Anki Manual .

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