Anki creating unwanted extra cards in new version (2.1.32)

Hello there,

I recently upgraded to the latest Anki release (2.1.31/32), and now my Anki is generating unwanted extra cards when I add new words.

I use a template for my cards downloaded from Fluent Forever ( I use it to generate cards with a front and a back (2 cards from one word) and it has worked well for years.

The way the template is set up, there is an additional field called ‘test spelling’ which, if you put a word in, generates a third card from the same word. In the old Anki, if you left the word blank, it wouldn’t generate this card (see Screenshot 1)

Now, however, Anki is generating this ‘test spelling’ card even when the field is blank. When reviewing, the card comes up in the deck as blank

I guess there must be some issue with the code in the new version, but I have no idea what it is or where to look. I am not very savvy with code — that’s why I relied on the templates in the first place as i’m not able by myself to generate in Anki what I want it to do.

I’ve attached screenshots of the code. If anyone is able to point out what is causing the blip — or even better, suggest a solution — i’d be eternally grateful.

(NB. this is only happening with the generation of new cards; existing cards are not affected)

Edit: the screenshots are from here, because as a new forum poster i’m only allowed one per post (don’t quite understand why, but anyway…).

All fields need to be placed inside the conditional: Anki 2.1.30 automatically created thousands of unwanted cards

Please excuse me, but which element is the conditional? I also don’t see an ‘add reverse’ command like in the post you link to, so i’m struggling to understand what needs moving to where. I presume you’re referring to the code on card type 3 (the final screenshot), as that’s the one generating the spelling cards, or do I need to alter something in all the card types?

This is perhaps obvious to a coder, but I’m afraid I can’t make sense of the code and don’t know which element I need to move.

My thanks in advance.

On the front template of Card #3, move the block starting with {{/ Test Spelling and ending with }} to be the last thing in the template (after the type block).

Do something similar for Card #2 also.

If you still have problems, please post the full text of your templates (not screenshots).


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This seems to have done the trick. Thank you very much!