Anki adding fields to cards for seemingly no reason

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New poster, I have tried to do my due diligence and see if anyone else has had this issue but haven’t had any luck. Likely a skill issue on my part as I’m not sure what key words to search for to resolve this issue (my apologies :slight_smile: ).

Sometimes, Anki appends a field to the end of the front template of my custom note/card types. This happens even if I have not been editing cards, but I can’t pinpoint what triggers it. It has been happening at least since the 23.10 (Qt6) release. I rely a lot on selective card generation so sometimes this forces the generation of new cards that otherwise would not generate.

If I had to hazard a guess; most of my notes are “1 Note to Many Cards”, and so have a lot of fields and I suspect I’ve introduced more jank than is necessary. Below are some images/steps which might be a clearer representation of what is happening:

  1. Spotted while reviewing, circled section should not be present:

  2. Opened the editor, the first/primary/sort field is appended to the end of the front template

  3. I remove this, save, and empty cards to remove any accidentally generated cards. Luckily this time, it actually did not result in the removal of any cards because all notes of this type generate this card, but usually it does.

This isn’t the first time it’s happened to me, but going through and fixing it each time it happens is admittedly a bit of a time sink for me. Sometimes I can catch it by checking my stats and seeing an unusually large number of cards added, filtering for these in the browser, and manually removing the added field on each affected card template, but usually I notice while reviewing.

Recently updated to 23.12 and still experiencing this, which is what prompted me to post. Any insight is very much appreciated :slight_smile:

This was definitely happening in some versions of 23.10, and it was reported at the time. But I can’t find the threads anymore.

I think it only happened when the entire front template was sandwiched between


which caused the front template to be empty (and therefore no card created) if the field some_field was blank, and an additional trigger that was required to cause it was deleting some field.

I vaguely recall this being fixed, though I can’t find it anywhere in the change logs.

Are you certain that it’s still happening in 23.12.1? As opposed to some old templates that were actually altered by some prior version?

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That could be it, this time there were no new cards so hard to pin when it happened. Totally possible it could be a left over from 23.10. I’ll keep an eye out :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help

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