Errors in Online Manual

Hello, I’ve spotted following:

As the correct is CTR+ALT+T

Request for correction

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Done, thank you.

There are some issues in navigation of the Online Manual as for example it is not possible to go further by clicking right arrow in “Installing & Upgrading Anki on Windows” section. There are some instances of this issue in articles related to other systems as well.

This is a limitation of the software we use to create the manual I’m afraid.

I do not understand how these two parts of Online Manual match each other:
Section 6.2. Card Generation:
Card Generation & Deletion part states it is not possible to add a note which will result in none card may be created (empty front field). I Have the most current version and It proves that (2.1.66).
Adding Empty Notes part stated that it is possible to create an empty note and empty card would be created with possibility to fill it later.

How to correctly read it?

The first section is out of date. While notes must have a non-empty first field, the add cards screen no longer requires any cards to be generated. You can try this with the following card template, and then only adding a Front


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You asked why a card was created in that case. It’s because Anki must have at least one card, or the note would not be accessible, so it creates a single one when no templates would generate cards.