Anki not working on phone or laptop

I got an error message saying that one of my add ons wasnt working, so I held down the shift key and reoepend it to disable all add ons. but after that its still not working and I was left with this message:

An error occurred. Please use Tools > Check Database to see if that fixes the problem.

If problems persist, please report the problem on our support site. Please copy and paste the information below into your report.

Anki 2.1.26 (70784154) Python 3.8.0 Qt 5.14.1 PyQt 5.14.1

Platform: Windows 10

Flags: frz=True ao=False sv=2

Add-ons, last update check: 2021-03-18 20:04:28

Caught exception:

Traceback (most recent call last):

File “aqt\”, line 297, in

File “aqt\”, line 268, in _answerCard

File “aqt\”, line 118, in nextCard

File “aqt\”, line 192, in _showQuestion

File “lib\site-packages\anki\”, line 174, in autoplay

KeyError: ‘autoplay’

does anyone know what to do? I clicked tools> check database but it did not help fix it.

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