Anki not opening. 2.1.21

Since yesterday I cannot open Anki normally.
I have the window saying checking media with the size of the media. that window is frozen , and behind that I have the window for Anki update 2.1.33 that is also frozen.
I cannot click on anything, nor can I close it directly.

I did no modification or add-on and no update since august 30. I am on Anki 2.1.21. Mac OS Catalyna.

Thank for the help.

Please either install the latest version from the Anki website, or start Anki while holding down the shift key, then click ignore.

The only times I ever couldn’t open Anki, it was mostly the media player. If you look through the open processes and find the media player, you can kill the process there and (if this way the reason) Anki starts normally. These days I had a few times when Anki itself didn’t close correctly, so you would kill the Anki process manually for it to work.

Thank you for the quick answer and solution! It worked.