Anki not allowing me to click or even quit the app on Mac

I have the latest version of Anki. When I double click it on my computer to open it, this message pops up:

But it won’t allow me to select the yes, no, remind me later options. I have to press the red X on mac to close it. Then after this point, I select yes to updating (the back box) and it won’t let me click it either.

When I click anywhere else on anki, including the red X in the top left corner, it only makes the Mac clicking sound but no action happens. Never had this happen before and it was working fine until yesterday.

Note that this is probably due to the fact that two dialog windows where opened, both forcefully taking the focus, which prevents you from clicking on either one. Since the up-most dialog is triggered by an add-on, I would suggest contact its author.

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