Anki mobile won’t sync to MacBook but MacBook will sync to iPhone

I’m trying to sync what’s on my iPhone to my MacBook as I added cards on my phone today and have done my reps. However when trying to sync it says what’s shown in the photo below. It syncs fine from ‘Anki web’ to ‘Anki mobile’ but when trying to sync form my phone to my laptop the little loading bar comes up but nothing happens. No error message or anything.

You always sync with Ankiweb, not two devices (directly) with each other. Solving the merge conflict should have everything work as expected again. But make sure you understand what will happen, before you choose either option from the screenshot (link also contains a video):

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If your goal was to transfer from phone to mobile, Upload on mobile and then Download on the computer version should have accomplished it. If you tried that and it didn’t work, could you elaborate on what exactly you’re seeing? Does the loading bar completely fill?