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Hi, since my iPhone runs on 17.4.1 I have trouble with a great chess card template - GitHub - TowelSniffer/Anki-Chess-2.0: An interactive chess template for anki.. From time to time there seems to be a javascript issue. The same on iPad and only since the new iOS Version. On the back of the card the pieces are not “on the board” but over the board. ( when i tap the card template option in anki mobile and then on preview i get the javascript exception at the second try. When i practice the chess cards the first card is ok. all following cards do not load correctly. Sorry if the issue is not correct here but I think that it only appears since the new iOS version and can be a hint at other problems. Kind regards


The issue was also raised to the developer of the card template: GitHub /TowelSniffer/Anki-Chess-2.0/issues/36 (sorry I can’t post direct links)

It would help to access the console log to troubleshoot the issue.
The only thing that we have now is “A javascript exception occurred”.

Is there a way to access it with AnkiMobile?

The JS author should be able to wrap their code in a try/catch block, then display the error.

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