Anki mobile crashing on new iOS update

Hi there,

My phone (iPhone 13 Pro) just updated to the latest iOS, and when I open Anki it loads fine, but as soon as I click anything the app crashes.

Anyone else experiencing this or know a fix? Happy to help debug

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When you say “anything”, are you able to tap on the gear/cog in the top right? If so, what does tapping on “check database” say? If not, what happens if you tap on the ? icon on the left?

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I can click on it, and it says “Database rebuilt and optimized.” I can also click on the ? Which leads me to the help articles. However, clicking on any of the three decks I have loaded, and then trying to advance immediately causes the app to crash.

Do you sync with AnkiWeb? If so, please let me know your email in a private message or on, so I can try to reproduce the issue.

I do not. I’ve only used Anki on mobile unfortunately.

I’d recommend you start, as it’s the easiest way to get your collection to me, and will ensure you have a backup if your device breaks or gets lost. On the first sync, make sure to choose upload: Syncing in Anki: Getting Started - YouTube

If you’d prefer not to use AnkiWeb, please use Add/Export to export your collection without media, upload it to some file sharing site like Google Drive, and then send me a link privately.

I can’t figure out how to send a message on mobile, and I can’t post a link here haha.

Please create a post here: Private / Discussion Area - AnkiMobile/AnkiWeb Support