Anki mathjax unnecessary big space and too big to edit bugs with v57 (and 56 and 55)

I recently updated to 55 and 56, and just five minutes ago to 57. There is a bug with mathjax that when you open an existing mathjax the mathjax-editor with display a huge empty space after the input, as you can see on the picture:

Also, when I try to edit a very filled mathjax which is bigger than the note-editing window I’m not able to see the full mathjax window and I can’t scroll through it. (in the vertical layout; in the horizontal layout this doesn’t seem to be a problem at first glance)

I’m not seeing that here. Does it happen with all add-ons disabled? Does it only happen on some of your cards?

Yes both things happen with all addons disabled. The space thing happens on all cards, always with big mathjaxes and sometimes (and less gravely) with smaller mathjaxes. The unable to scroll thing seems atm to only happen on one card where it’s a particularly large mathjax but also not much else on the card, so there isn’t much (not nothing) to scroll through anyway, and the mathjax edit window won’t switch from displaying above the mathjax, to below it (where I can scroll down the card).

I just found out that some mathjax I can’t even edit properly because the display of the mathjax editor is so messed up that it doesn’t even display the position of my keyboard input correctly, and nor does it register my mouse-clicks in the right position. Downgrading to an earlier version undortunately…

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