Report a bug about show mathjax

Actually, this bug will appear in all versions as I know. I want to use \small to adjust the mathjax font-size like this:

Normal:\(\overline{X} \)
use \small:\(\small \overline{X} \)
use \scriptsize:\(\scriptsize \overline{X} \)
use \tiny:\(\tiny \overline{X} \)

this is the real effect

As we see, when I use \small and \tiny it will lose the bar in the top. Please fix.
ps: this bug will not appear in AnkiDroid but just in Windows Anki.

The issue does not appear to exist in AnkiMobile, which seems to point to this being a bug in the web toolkit version the computer version uses. When the toolkit is upgraded in the future, it will hopefully address the issue.

Hope to arrange this task in your future work to fix it. :slight_smile: