Anki Mac: add support for Accessibility API

I use a popular Mac system extension called [PopClip](NOT A LINK) to manipulate text (for example: highlighting a word and looking it up in a foreign language dictionary, or highlighting a paragraph and sending it to my notes app).

Every app I use on the Mac allows me to highlight text and perform PopClip actions on it, except for Anki.

According to [this forum thread](NOT A LINK), the cause is that:

Anki does not properly support the Accessibility API in its text fields, which PopClip relies upon to detect the selected text in the app…

Please add support for the Accessibility API to integrate Anki’s Mac app with MacOS (and other system extensions that work throughout MacOS, such as PopClip).

Of course I’m not allowed to include links in my posts, which makes perfect sense.

Here’s PopClip: www DOT popclip DOT app

And here’s the PopClip forum thread: forum DOT popclip DOT app/t/popclip-not-working-in-anki/563

Here is the link: PopClip not working in Anki - PopClip - PopClip Forum


As far as I’m aware, this is something that needs to be addressed by our graphics toolkit Qt, and not by Anki itself.

needs to be addressed by our graphics toolkit Qt

Thanks for responding! Is that a third-party dependency?

Yes, it’s the software used to create the graphical interface: Qt (software) - Wikipedia

If I were to try contacting Qt and urging them to update their software, what do you think would be the best way to reach out to them, and what would you recommend that I say (or don’t say)?

You can contact them here:

See for some instructions: Report an issue to Qt · Issue #2652 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

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At 75, Anki decks are not for me. I paid $5.00 USD last month and informed you I did not desire to continue. Please refund my $5.00 that you have charged me yesterday for this month. Also, inform me how I can remove my credit card information.

You are in the wrong place, I am afraid. There are no monthly costs and no direct credit card payments when it comes to the official Anki software. You likely use some other service or application (there are a lot of copycat products using the Anki name).


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