Anki Levels would help new users learn the basics and more

I have been using Anki for a week now and I have been pleased with how easy it has been to learn. I have put off starting Anki for years because I was intimidated by the seeming complexity of the software. Even when I started up this time I had a few concerns that there might be some insurmountable obstacles (deleting cards/notes, duplicating card etc.), though it has largely been clear sailing so far.

Nevertheless, I think a very helpful for the Anki software would be to add in the idea of user levels.

One might start with level 1 which is for very basic flashcards that had no spaced repetition and allowed for
easy card addition/removal etc. The goal in level 1 would be to have users up and running with a zero learning curve. One could then include various other levels that added in more and more Anki features. These extra features might require features from previous levels.

Anki is a reasonably complex software interface which could benefit substantially with the level concept.
It would be especially helpful for the newest of users as they would then be able to start using Anki’s features with a minimum of effort.