Anki Keeps Glitching (wrong answers)

My Anki App keeps showing me previous anwsers to questions. If for example answer for question 1 is A and for question 2 is B Anki keeps showing me wrong answer (A) to question 2. Problem temporarliy fades away when anki app is minimalised (after this action anki shows the right answer)…
I have tried turning off add-ons, and nothing helped… It is very annoying and it is disturbing me from my work,
If only somebody cold help me I would be very thankful.

Are you on Windows? This might be a graphic driver related issue: Display Issues - Anki Manual

See also Anki glitch showing previous card answer instead of new card for a step-by-step solution.


Thank you for your answer, but unfortunately after trying the same solution Anki just got worse, random colours started to appear in anki app and sometimes instead of text of my question i see black screen. What I did was; echo software > %APPDATA%\Anki2\gldriver6 command on CMD. Is there any other way to fix this?

Could you please provide more details on your setup, Anki version, when did this start, …

(I’m sorry if this is not what you meant, I’m not good with technology :DD) I have got the newest Anki version Qt6 (just today I reinstalled Anki and upgraded it due to this problem).
The problem started when my Anki collection increased (now I have got something like 11000 cards). It started like a month ago… Firstly my add-on custom background started glitching - the image started to lose its colours, and random colours were there. I turned it off and anki was fine for a while. Then my review heatmap started glitching simultaneously with the main problem (previous question to the present answer problem) first appearance. I tried to turn off all of my add-ons but it did not help.
I’m using win11, my laptop is like a year old - with 8 or 16gb of ram, intel core I5 and some NVIDIA 3050 graphic card. Anki app works just fine on smartphone.

You may have more luck with the qt5 version of Anki.

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