Anki Images error

I am trying to download the Anki deck called Kanji Damage. On the preview flashcards before downloading it shows an image of the stroke order for the Kanji. When I download the deck and go to it, it does not show it. I had this deck installed before, and it showed the stroke order. I don’t remember how or when I got this deck but, I had it on iPhone and remember it having a stroke order, the same as the preview images when I look up this deck. I was wondering what the issue may be?

I just downloaded and checked both Kanji Damage decks and both are showing stroke order. So it must be something in your Anki setup (maybe you modified card templates or something) or a problem when importing.

Check in the Browser, to see if the images show there. Like here:

Also, check the back template of the cards in the Cards… menu. It should have this line: <div>{{Stroke order}}</div>

You can also try deleting the deck, Check Media (in Tools menu) and Delete unused. Check database and reinstall the deck.

I redownloaded and deleted the media unused and i still have the same problem.I also have the same problem on iphone.
It still doesnt work on iphone or PC

In the computer version, please go to File>Switch Profile, create a new profile, and try importing again. If images fail to show, that implies they are missing from the deck you’ve downloaded. If they do show, you can copy the images into your regular profile’s media folder.

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