My cards look like this. What am I doing wrong?

Hi guys

I imported a couple of decks recently, but two of them (similar topic / brain anatomy) do not seem to work. I checked on the computer of two friends (both Mac) and the deck is working. All other decks on my computer (Windows) work perfectly, but these two will constantly look like this. I can click on the “show answer”-button and also on the “again”- or “good”-buttons afterwards, but it it never shows the picture.

I deleted and reimported them already twice, but the problem won’t go away.

Can anyone help my with this issue?


Please see AnkiUniversal is not supported here - Frequently Asked Questions

Hi dae. I can’t find any solution there. Can you help me?

Did you read the link that @dae provided, the answer is there, in the first sentence.

To say it explicitly: you are using a program called “Anki Universal” (like this) and the rest of us use just Anki.

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Thank you guys.