Anki ignores answers

My Anki ignores half answers
Even if I had a mistake in 4 questions below, it doesn’t show me if I was wrong/right.

It only happens to me in one sub-pack (where it says 400-499)
And not in the whole packimage

the problem-

Hi there :slight_smile:

I think this is not an issue with Anki itself, but with the particular custom note-type, which those questions are using. The note-type is, as far as i can tell, associated with this Addon: Multiple Choice for Anki.

You might want to write a bug report on the respective git-hub page, if it has not already been done.

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with the other packs its works well…
the problem only with 400-499 pack :confused:

Maybe export the deck as an apkg file (or just one note using the card browser) and upload it somewhere (, Google Drive, etc.), and maybe somebody will reproduce and fix it.

I Uploaded to google drive but I see I cant upload here any link

Maybe try to post it as preformatted text by surrounding it with backticks ` (or using the </> button) or maybe add a few spaces here and there, e.g. https : //drive .google .com/ …

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