Anki icon not showing properly on taskbar

Recently installed anki 2.1.49 version. I did not have such problem with previous version. But when I installed the latest version, Anki Icon on taskbar is showing plain white color. How can I fix it?
P.s: I tried rebooting my pc and the app, disabling add-ons

Thank you.

How have you installed Anki? Was it following these instructions, taken from the manual?

Yes there was no problem with installing. I used anki before too. The problem arose with this version only.

I can’t test what you see, because I don’t have an Anki item on my taskbar. I only use tabs.

I was wondering if the colour of the Anki icon on the taskbar changes if you change from night mode to normal mode.

Can you try that please.


Well I tried but it stayed the same.

Please try the latest beta.

I tried but the same result again, plus some add-ons(heatmap) stopped working

Strange, it’s working for me, and a previous user reported the issue went away when the updated. Tried rebooting? Anyone else seeing this?

Plus now with older versions I am having the same problem. What could be the cause?

Sorry, no idea.

This might be a Windows-related issue. You may have more luck in a Windows forum (microsoft has an official forum like this one). At least they should be able to “debug” this issue.