Anki global shortcut for searching selected text in the card collection

guys are there any addons that let me search selected text in card collection with a global shortcut? like in this video, I can search for any selected text with CTRL+B anywhere, but the problem with this add-one (Migaku Anki Add-on) is that it has a bug causing the ease to reset to %250.

There is this add-on that defines global hotkeys: Global hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts) - AnkiWeb
But unfortunately, it doesn’t support searching for selected text. You can suggest this feature to the author here: Issues · BrayanDSO/anki_addons · GitHub
I’ve recently written a simple browser extension that allows you to search for selected text in your Anki collection. I’ve not published it yet, though. (Maybe I’ll put a link here when I publish it).

I’ve also done something similar in an external script for sentence mining that I’m working on.
The script uses a couple of libraries to define global hotkeys, trigger a copy hotkey on selected text, and send the text to Anki via the AnkiConnect add-on: hoarder/ at master · abdnh/hoarder · GitHub. Maybe I’ll write a similar add-on for this too.

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