New addon: Quick Field Focus: jump to a field from browser

I just released this small addon:
Quickly focus on a particular field in the card browser using a keyboard shortcut.

When trying to populate a particular field for many notes at once, it’s helpful to have a shortcut which jumps directly to a particular field from within the browser.


Install from


You do need to configure the addon to tell it which field in your for a given note type needs to be focused. After installing the addon, select it in the Anki addon manager, then click Config

For each shortcut that you need, add an entry which contains the note type, the keyboard shortcut, and the name of the field to focus on.

For example, I have a note type called Chinese-Words , and within that note type, I want to quickly focus on field Example using shortcut Ctrl+T

{ "focus_field_shortcuts" : [ { "note_type": "Chinese-Words", "shortcut": "Ctrl+T", "field": "Example" } ] }