ANKI droping (or deleting) sub-modules from DECKS list

I recently acquired ANKI and installed it (couple of months ago) it in order to study a card deck provided by an online Network Course (the CCNA study guide) from said provider. Within a couple of weeks ANKI deleted (removed from view or selection) one of the sub-sections (module 2 of 38) from the Deck. I wasn’t initially worried as I had the source deck to reinstall from. From the provided screenshot note that Section 02 of 38 sections are missing from the list.

CASE 2. Recently I am/was building my own deck of cards from course material I’m learning from my local college. I had just finished creating my forth sub-module, when ANKI deleted (dropped from view or selection) the 2nd of the 4 modules I had just created. This is far more worrisome as I do not have any backup (as far as I know), Nor am aware any method to retrieve the the missing data (re: about 8 hours of work for this one sub-module).

In both cases I’m assuming the missing data is somewhere. Any retrieval options you might have would be greatly appreciated

Cheers and Thanks

Anki creates backups, please have a look: Backups - Anki Manual.

Do you find notes from your missing subdecks in browser view (key: B)?

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No. I haven’t found and ‘notes’ for my missing sub-decks.
Another disturbing is that the user manual directions don’t match what I see with respect to options in user space. Might have to reload ANKI.

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