Anki downloads statistics

Any way to know how many Anki users there are? How many downloads per month?

Ankiweb/GitHub (Official Source):?

Chocolatey (Windows)
Downloads: 66,389
Downloads of v 2.1.60:1,967

Winget (Windows)

Brew (MacOS)
30 days: 13
90 days: 1,631
365 days: 7,158

FlatHub (Linux)
Install: 88,584

I guess this is not the number of downloads but the combined file size :wink:

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lol, nearly 1B install for anki :man_facepalming:

Couldn’t find a download counter for ankiweb/github

Right. Any way to get the download statistics?

Probably only from @dae, if he’s willing to share that info.

AnkiDroid has had 10M+ over the course of its life; the desktop version is in the same ballpark.


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