Anki accountability widget for iOS/macOS

I’m no coder, but I’m a fan of automation and can’t find any widgets for iOS/macOS to track anki progress outside the app and keep myself accountable.

So I got chatgpt to make this.

It relies on the ankiconnect api as a server and scriptable as a client.

You can use any search term, I’m just using it to keep my leeches front of mind.

It gives you a daily progress bar at the bottom (my goal is 200 reviews a day) for your daily reviews and gives you a heatmap for the past 17 days at the top (based on those reviews)

△=not good
休 =none

If anyone has any experience with code, they could probably help me clean it up to get it onto github/scriptable gallery or something.

Of course, if something better exists. I would love to hear about it.

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