Anki doesn't start after I accidentally changed the graphic to vulcano

I wanted to change the looks of my Anki but I was not thinking it through when I changed my graphics to vulcano. Now my computer cant open the newest anki version anymore which is a huge problem. I tried opening it while holding shift - didn’t work. Deinstalled it - didn’t work. I am really frustrated. It always starts loading and after a few seconds it just closes…
Thank you in advance…

You can change the video driver back from the command line. That should let you start again.

Windows? Display Issues - Anki Manual


Thank you, but How do i do this exactly?

If you click the start menu and type cmd – it should show you the “Command Prompt” app. Click to open that.

Depending on whether you installed the Qt5 or Qt6 version of Anki (do you know which one you have?) – copy the line of text from that help page, paste it at the command prompt, and hit Enter.

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It worked!! Thank you so so much! I had almost given up…
You are so nice!
I am soo thankful

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I’m so glad to hear it! Thanks for letting us know!

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