Anki desktop windows 10

Hello everyone. I just reset windows 10 on my laptop and installed Anki Qt 5 as Qt6 was crashing before resetting my windows.
It keeps crashing now and I can’t open it even after clicking the shift key while opening.
I need help, please

Do you mean that the Qt6 version keeps crashing, or any version?

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Yeah, it keeps crashing.

I also tried 2.1.53.qt6 but it still crashes.

Check this page

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Also this. he managed to fix it by doing fresh windows install. it’s not a problem with anki itself

I did a fresh install last week.
I downgraded it to 2.1.49 and now it’s working.
I think I’ll try 2.1.50.
I tried 2.1.53 qt6 but crashes while syncing. and close without showing any message.
Update>> 2.1.49 also crashes, thus it’s not the version problem.
I’ll update my drivers and windows.

I updated all my drivers and downloaded “KernelBase.dll”, and put it in the app location in C, but it didn’t solve the problem.
I hope anyone will help me, thanks.