Anki Desktop Win 10 behind company proxy can't sync


Trying to sync my Anki on Win 10 from behind a company proxy server. I had it working under Win7 but can’t remember what got it working.

I’ve tried setting:

  1. HTTP_PROXY & HTTPS_PROXY in environment variables
  2. netsh winhttp set proxy
  3. changing local traffic in IE proxy settings

but am still getting a timeout.

Any help would be great.


Also tried starting Anki with a batch file thus:

set HTTP_PROXY=172.x.x.x:8080
start “Anki” “C:\Program Files\Anki\anki”

That doesn’t work either, though I’m not sure I have the syntax right because I can’t find an example anywhere.

OK, I had the environment variable format incorrect. This worked for me!

Variable name: HTTP_PROXY
Value: http://172.x.x.x:8080

Funny how writing this all down helps to solve the problem.

Hope it helps others.