Anki deck not showing new cards to learn after I copy cards from one deck to another?

Posting here since no one on Reddit could help.

So I started quartet I for Japanese and have the deck from the anki deck forums, but I wanna combine it with my genki i and ii decks to make one big deck. When I merged Genki I and II I just copied all the words from Genki I into Genki II and it would show me the 20 new cards as well as reviews. For some reason, it’s not working right this time. I’m only seeing green reviews and no new cards to learn. I literally just started quartet so there’s obviously thousands of new cards to learn, but they don’t display.

I’m not sure if this is because I got the genki decks from the Seth Clydesdale site and got the Quartet decks from another source or what. Having them all in one Japanese deck is obviously way simpler than having multiple decks with hundreds of reviews each

Perhaps you have a backlog of reviews: The Anki v3 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions

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