Anki crashes when tiling browse window with rectangle

When I open the “Browse” window of anki and tile this window to the left or right half of the screen using the open source app “rectangle”, anki crashes.

Anki 23.10.1
MacOS 13.1.1
Rectangle: 0.74

Try Tools -> Preferences -> Reset windows size

Then it works but after a restart of Anki it crashes again.

If you use View>Layout to switch the layout mode, does that make any difference? If not, you may be able to work around the issue by switching to the Qt5 version of Anki.

No, the View>Layout switch doesn’t change anything, BUT the switch from the Apple Silicon optimised Qt6 version to Qt5 intel-version, did resolve the issue.
Unfortunately the intel-version does work significantly slower on my M1 Pro so that I need to switch back to the optimised version.

I’ve found the exact steps to reproduce the crash in Qt6:

  1. open Anki
  2. click on Browse
  3. use rectangle to maximize the window
  4. close the window
  5. open the browse window again
  6. use rectangle to tile this browse window half to the left or right half of the screen.
    → anki crashes.

Now another thing, I’ve found a 2nd bug which is also likely resulting from Qt6, as I did not encounter it on the Qt5 installation. For that I’ve opened another Forum thread here.

I can’t reproduce the issue when using the built-in split actions from the green button, so it sounds like some sort of incompatibility between your third-party tool and Qt.

Ok, that’s weird since I get the same behaviour when using the build-in MacOS split action.
So it’s definitely not an issue with rectangle or any other window manager.
Maybe updating Qt in further versions of Anki resolves this issue.

Unfortunately I’m not having any luck trying to reproduce this. Are you using the built-in screen, or an external one?

Edit: nevermind, I’ve just seen you mentioned your internal display on another post.

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