Anki changing color of Pictures

When reviewing a flash card the image is changed to a different color, but when in edit mode the image looks normal. I recently installed the recolor add-on. Im guessing this is the problem, but I don’t want to remove the add-on because I like how it looks and its easier on my eyes. I just wanted to see if anyone had a solution other than removing the add-on thanks!

Quick update. The problem might also be Dark Mode, because when I leave re-color on, but change to light mode the image appears how it should.

That’s right. The add-on (or your notetype) seems to apply a color inversion CSS filter in dark mode. Perhaps the add-on got a config that lets you disable this.

A future Anki update (my personal target is 2.1.64) will make add-ons like that redundant, because theming will become a native feature.

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