Anki cards not going straight to red

I’m having trouble with my Anki review system. I’m a med student who’s been using anki for a while now and all of my friends seem to have different review timings to me even though our settings are the exact same. Whenever they see a new card the options are again: <3 min hard:<10 min and good: <15 min. Mine are the same just without the less than symbol (<) meaning that when i press again it doesn’t immediately go to red, it only appears after the 3 minutes are up, meaning i can’t get through new cards as quickly. I’ve tried deleting the app and redownloading, I’ve tried changing the intervals and nothing seems to work. Any advice?

This is due to the learn ahead limit (preferences → review).
Note though that “getting through new cards quickly” might feel good in the moment, but might lead to worse retention.


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