Anki App shows network error on my WiFi - please help!

I downloaded the latest version of anki on my Mac M1 - every time I sync on my Wifi at home it shows this error: broken pipe or error: MAC.

Find image attached.

This does not happen definitely when my mobile data is being used

or on other wifi’s [at least I don’t think]

How do I fix?

I’m not sure what the problem might be. Things you could try:

  • restarting your internet router and waiting a few minutes
  • is accessible in your browser from that wifi network?

thanks for the reply, and apologies for the ignorance;

• how do I re-start the router - meaning turning it on and off?

• I logged into ankiweb through my browser and that did initially help to prevent the message from coming up, but then a while later, it came up again when I tried to sync new cards

• seems I have to solve it by turning my data on, syncing, then returning back to my WiFi

thanks again,

would it be an issue that I have a different web account for different profiles ?

Thanks for updating us


Different ankiweb account for different profiles? No, don’t think so

We currently don’t know what could be causing this problem, we had a few reports about os error 32, but nothing yet

Do you use third-party antivirus, firewall, VPN or anti-malware software on your machine?

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