Anki 23.12 Beta

There’s something broken with template syncing, but I dunno if the bug is in Anki (@70ee28b) or AnkiDroid (2.17a8).

  1. Anki → AnkiDroid: CSS changes no longer sync.
  2. AnkiDroid → Anki: CSS changes on seem to sync.
  3. Anki → AnkiDroid: Changes to a card template HTML (either side) do show rendered on AnkiDroid, but not in its template editor. It somewhere keeps a separate copy of the prior version and will overwrite the changes from desktop if you edit this old one.
  4. AnkiDroid → Anki: Changes to a card template HTML seem to sync.

edit: Well… after an unrelated reupload of the collection (after a note type change), somehow the sync seems to work again. Though I did notice that the styling for <a> tags is no longer the same on Anki & -Droid.

Sorting by Card Type seems to not work correctly for Cloze notes?
(Windows 23.12 beta 2, qt6.6.1, no add-ons)

Image overlay works much better now! But there seems to still be some small bug:


I’m having an issue with pasting text from websites, the formatting doesn’t seem to be stripped anymore. I have the option “Paste without shift key strips formatting” turned on. This used to work pretty well, but in the beta version I still get tons of formatting when pasting text.

The outline is there in light mode too, although quite faint (here I hover over the middle revert button).
Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 10.46.15

It looks like this is a macOS-only issue. Will look into it.

In Stats, the average retrievability is wrong:

In a quick glance, one can say that, for this distribution, the average retrievability has to be about 97%.

This is also confirmed by the Stats of the helper add-on:

I would suggest reporting here: [Question] Average retention in the add-on doesn't match average retrievability in beta · Issue #260 · open-spaced-repetition/fsrs4anki-helper · GitHub

For same-day learning cards, that were last answered the day before, the Retrievability is different in card info and the browser:


Moreover, this can create strange filtered decks behaviour: I’ve created a filtered deck with cards selected by relative overdueness. When rebuilding the deck all review cards are pulled before same-day learning cards - even when same-day learning cards are a day or more overdue.

You might want to try the just released AnkiDroid 2.17alpha10. It should already fix the following issue about template syncing:

There is a bug that is definitely caused by the latest release and it is that Anki now makes me paste the contents that I paste from website alongside with their original HTML formatting on that website which is very annoying.

This did not happen at all in all the previous releases, and Anki used to keep the cell padding and cell positioning from tables (which I do find helpful) at most.

Ctrl +shift+v and checking the remove formatting option in preferences do not solve this problem and I wish this could be resolved quickly.

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Removing a preset does not remove it from the drop-down until saving. Selecting the removed preset selects the next one.

23.12beta3 is now available:

I can’t seem to reproduce this.

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Installed the qt6 version of the latest beta on Windows, and now can’t see any of my decks. It was working fine with the previous beta

Can you reproduce it without add-ons?

It works without addons. I wonder what the culprit one could be?

My learning and relearning steps are 15 min and 20 min respectively. Also, I never use the Hard button; only Good and Again.

But still, on the Congrats page, I often see the message saying, “The next learning card will be ready in 24 minutes.” How is this possible?

Review Heatmap appears twice in your add-on list. Maybe you have two different versions of the add-on installed? I would try disabling them and see if there is any improvement.

Works with beta 3, reproduced with beta 2.

Three issues, the first one seems serious as it could affect the collections of many users:

(Serious) issue 1: Badly formed merged note types

A user recently sent me a collection that contained a badly formed note type which seems to be a combination of both a cloze and a regular notetype (Rechtsfrage). It still had the type “cloze” but somehow contained 7 different card types. I don’t even know how it is possible to add more than one card type for clozes, but somehow it happened and if I had to guess I would say that this was caused by the new “merge notetypes” option, which was activated in this collection.

Here is a link to the buggy (merged) note types.

Automatic analysis of these note types by my Butler-Addon:

My personal analysis:

Both of the notetypes “Fragenfolge” and “Lückentext+” were (wrongly) combined with the note type “Rechtsfrage” for some reason and this failed. It also produced many empty cards.

For reference: “Fragenfolge”, “Lückentext+” and “Rechtsfrage” are three distinct notetypes that should not be combined into one as they are quite distinct. Here is a short deck to illustrate what they should look like regularly.

@Rumo : Would be grateful if you could take a look. Also feel free to DM me if you need more info. The user is a beginner btw. I’m sure he didn’t manually change stuff in the database.

Issue 2: Explosion of note types

When people send me their collections they now sometimes look like this. Cleaning this up manually is quite a bit of work:

Issue 3: Tooltip glitch:

This tooltip looks wrong (Windows 10, 150% DPI scaling):

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My addon in beta3

TypeError: renderStats() got multiple values for argument ‘_old’

aqt.deckbrowser.DeckBrowser._renderStats = anki.hooks.wrap(
aqt.deckbrowser.DeckBrowser._renderStats, renderStats, ‘around’)