Anki 2.1.62 crashes when try to ctrl+1 in notes mode

I am using Windows 11.
In browser, I selected a note in Notes view and pressed ctrl+1, then Anki freezed and crashed. I tested with 2 decks and the result is reproducible. It also seems to crash only with flaging red but not other colors.

That’s an odd one. It doesn’t happen in Cards mode? Does resetting window positions in the preferences screen then opening the browser again help?

Thank you for replying. I double checked. It also happens in Cards mode but resetting window positions doesn’t seem to work. I have sent the video of this happening via messages.

P.S. It also crashes on Anki 2.1.61

Ok, so it’s hanging, not crashing. Does the problem go away if you try the -qt5 version of Anki?

Sorry for the confusion. I tested with qt5. It didn’t hang but nothing happened. Though other colors worked normally.

When you say “nothing happened”, do you mean that the flag didn’t toggle on/off? Given that there haven’t not been any other reports of this at this point, I’m wondering if it’s possibly an add-on or third-party program on your system that happens to be listening to that shortcut.

Yes, it didn’t toggle on/off. If I find any further significant evidence, I will report it here. Thank you very much.

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