Anki 2.1.55 Beta 7 / RC1 / RC2


Found out, it’s some change between b7 and rc1 version.
Note that in version b7 these options are disabled.

In RC1 version

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When add new card, the app screen render is not stable, constantly flashing.
My device: MacBook Air M1
Anki version: 2.1.55 RC1
BUT IN 2.1.54, it works normally.

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Please, test without add-ons activated.

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RTL issue on first run not resolved. It seems that there was a regression from the previous beta where some things were resolved.

In the main bar, the arrow cursor appears instead of the hand cursor.

Those who are not experienced in the software, will not be able to guess that there is actually a button here…

After a long time it changes to the hand button, but for a very limited time

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This is a Qt issue, which we can’t do much about other than wait, unfortunately: Webview cursor not changing type (or changing unreliably) since Qt 6.4.0 update · Issue #2168 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

Same situation

But it is possible to make it visible that you place the mouse on the button. Something like color differences…



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With NO add-ons, there still exist this bug

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Hey guys, by opening the html editor in a field the editor jumps back to the top of the notetype. Obviously, that’s only noticeable with longer notetypes. Would be nice it the editor stayed at the same place when opening the html editor.

Would you be so kind to provide detailed reproduction steps for this issue? I’m having trouble triggering it.

There already is a hover effect on those buttons. The difference in color is just too subtle to notice. I’m trying to find a sweet spot between contrast and making things look dirty (light mode is a bit tougher than dark mode in that regard).

Back when we didn’t have the Qt cursor issue, this wasn’t such a big deal. We’re hoping it will be among one of 350 bugfixes coming with Qt 6.4.1, which isn’t released for Python yet.


Not sure how much detail I can provide here.
If I select any notetype that contains so many fields that the scroll bar appears on the right and I then choose any field where the scroll bar is not at the top position, it immediately moves back to the very top after opening the html editor. This leads to the selected field no longer being visible on screen so that I have to scroll down again.
Besides, I have already tested it with addons disabled and the problem still exists.

Sorry if I’m bothering anyone here…
Another RTL problem - also the yellow star of a mark is located on the right side instead of the left side (Review screen).

Another little note-
I tried to make some kind of change in the editor buttons but I didn’t find any unique id or class for each button. For example, I haven’t found any way to access the MathJax menu button to change anything in it specifically. Maybe you should add something like this to make it easier for Addon developers.

I moved it to the right in RTL (opposite of where it is in LTR) in response to your report of the flag positioning.


This is a bug with the graphics toolkit we use. This will not be fixed for .55, but we may try switching to an older toolkit version in .56.

If you could log the remaining issues on GitHub - ankitects/anki: Anki for desktop computers, that would be helpful.

To clarify, 6.4.1 is available, but causes a regression on Windows. 6.4.2 may fix it, and is due out in Jan.

I’m not able to reproduce this either. What platform are you on?

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Hm strange. I’m using Windows 10.

Yes, it’s the opposite of LTR, because I replaced left and right with inline-start and inline-end in response to this comment:


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Release candidate 2 is now available. If no serious issues are found, this will hopefully be released as stable in a few days.