Anki 2.1.55 Beta 5-6

I (on Windows) feel like the fonts are rather on the small side when compared to other programs. I personally feel more comfortable with rather large font sizes (especially on small screens).

Anyway, I feel like the solution to this difference in tastes is zoom. And indeed, you can Ctrl+Scroll zoom in and out on the deck options screen as well as the stats screen (but not with Ctrl + plus/minus). On the stats screen, however, it doesn’t change the size of the images, unfortunately. And the zoom resets when you exit and re-enter the screens.

The zoom should really be persistent, IMO. Like in any web browser. In the review screen, there is the “proper solution” of setting the desired size in the card styling; however, this is not available for the deck options and stats screens – and in addition to that, not the most user-accessible solution.

Firefox has a hidden setting that enables the compact UI density option Alternatively, you can just set browser.uidensity to 1.

Maybe that’s an idea for Anki, too. Two different density settings.

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I think it’s default behaviour for the spin box (and similar widgets) to only consider the value changed when it loses focus after being edited by direct keyboard entry.
If you change the value with the keyboard and then tab to the next control before clicking Save, it works just fine.


If you can identify the exact steps that trigger an issue, that makes it easier for us to dig into the problem, as we don’t have to spend time trying to trigger the issue first.

This is a bit confusing, as the example in the docs used this. I’ll update the page to mention compatibility.

Please let me know if the next beta doesn’t fix it.

Re layout: Pontoon

I’m not seeing this. Checked add-ons?

ANKIDEV=1 is set by ./run. Why do you want to hide them during development?


Of course I will as soon as I notice a pattern. Strangely, these three behaviours occurred very frequently after the first launch of the beta version and not at all recently.

(@dae How can I upload gifs here? I always get “Sorry, there was an error uploading that file. Please try again.”)

I don’t use add-ons nor are any installed.

One additional piece of information: If I’m on the Browse screen, I don’t see the Preferences (as expected), but I do see two Settings... that are grayed out.

I’m not sure if it supposed to be fixed yet so this may be premature, that odd table coloring in Dark mode is still there on the Browse screen.

There are some issues with the bolding of text on my Mac. It bolds all the text except for the text that I have selected.

This seems to only happen for copied and pasted text.

(I don’t know why this video below plays at 0.25x speed, sorry about that)


That’s because Google Docs adds the following formatting to the clipboard text:

<b><span style="font-weight: 400;">Formatted text is problematic.</span></b>

The text is then already regarded as bolded due to the <b> tag and Anki will unbold the selection when you use the editor button.

The solution is to use Ctrl+Shift+V whenever possible. This tells Anki to strip such extra formatting and only keep the raw text.

This is not a new issue introduced by 2.1.55. Preformatted text is always problematic, because every third-party app outputs HTML into the clipboard a bit differently.


Not sure why it’s not working; maybe you could use or similar?

Strange, I’m not seeing this. Is anyone else?

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Ah yes, removing this line does the trick. Do I lose any other info when ANKIDEV is disabled?

The logs are quite numerous and make it hard to find the messages I care for. And they didn’t show before the switch from bazel to ninja.

I have been using the latest beta version since it came out. Playing mp3 files has not been a problem so far, but now when I called up a deck with language files today I got a notice that necessary player software is missing. Unfortunately I clicked it away by mistake, so I can’t reproduce the exact wording. Any ideas why the problem only appears after a few days? I have not made any changes to the system (macOS 12.6.1.).

But shouldn’t clicking on Save also trigger a blur event and thus commit the input?

I like it in general, but especially the main web view feels huge compared to other GUI elements.


Might be relevant:

AnkiMobile/AnkiWeb: Discussion (this downloads an XML file for some reason, but you can still read it)

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I have mpv under /usr/local/bin and

/Applications/ ls -ll
total 10472
-rw-r–r–@ 1 ferophila admin 5832 28 Nov 12:21 CodeResources
drwxr-xr-x@ 55 ferophila admin 1760 23 Nov 13:52 Frameworks
-rw-r–r–@ 1 ferophila admin 1394 28 Nov 12:16 Info.plist
drwxr-xr-x@ 5 ferophila admin 160 28 Nov 12:16 MacOS
drwxr-xr-x@ 6 ferophila admin 192 23 Nov 13:52 Resources
drwxr-xr-x@ 3 ferophila admin 96 28 Nov 12:16 _CodeSignature
-r-xr-xr-x@ 1 ferophila admin 354000 23 Nov 13:51 lame
drwxr-xr-x@ 60 ferophila admin 1920 23 Nov 13:51 lib
-rwxr-xr-x@ 1 ferophila admin 4989856 23 Nov 13:51 mpv

I reinstalled the beta and updated my mpv installation but still get the error message.

That looks like a packaging issue; please let me know if it’s not fixed in the next beta.


I have noticed two issues with tag input in Beta 6, including the above.

  1. Start typing a tag, keep typing some characters until the autocomplete popup disappears, then press Enter:

    • The caret that prompts you to type another tag does not appear next to it.
  2. Click on the tag area or press Ctrl+Shift+T, and then press Enter without typing anything while the tag input is active:

    • The caret disappears, and after that, the caret does not appear when you click on the tag area or press Ctrl+Shift+T, and you can no longer enter tags.
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The tag editor is a really big component. It’s a bit overwhelming. As long as I don’t fully understand it works from top to bottom, patching these small issues is a futile endeavour, because I might introduce new issues in the process…

If anyone is up for the task, your help with the tag editor would be greatly appreciated.


Trying to compile Anki, I get the following error:

thread ‘main’ panicked at ‘git failed’, build/runner/src/
note: run with RUST_BACKTRACE=1 environment variable to display a backtrace

What’s the ~10 lines of text before/after that?

Seems fixed, thanks!

I’m seeing this in a few other apps. (This is in the latest Ventura Beta.) From what I can tell from reading other forums, this may be related to Apple changing Settings versus Preferences.