Anki 2.1.41 Incompatible Addon Board

Wanted to make a concise list for those considering updating but are worried about addon compatibility.

Please post if an addon is currently not supported, please edit the post once it is updated. Also useful would be if 2.1.41 has native features of the addon in question.


BetterTags - currently incompatible - 2.1.41 has most of the same features built in sans tag coloring/pinning.

Currently from Reddit:
@AnKingMed - resize images in editor (notified) symbols as you type (hopeless) highlight search results in browser (glutanimate) new speed focus mode (glutanimate) progress bar (glutanimate) wrapper meta addon (working on it) searching pdf reading (notified) better search (some weird issues) browser resizer (working on it…)

@HarryLang1001 - Resize images in editor - currently incompatible - I’ve raised an issue on GitHub here.

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Highlight Search Results in Browser has been updated as of today and is now compatible with 2.1.41.

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@rworldd thanks for the link!

FWIW, I wrote a bit more about other add-ons I’ve tested and fixes I’m working on here:

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Glutanimate’s Field History addon is not working. I hope it’s fixed soon, as I use it every day.

Thanks for letting me know, Harry. Added it to the list and will look into it.

Hi Glutanimate. In fact, it does work if you use the fix that’s noted on the GitHub issue (changing the quotation marks). Sorry, I was confused earlier.

I’m so glad you’re back. I’m re-joining your Patreon. :slight_smile:

Phew, that’s good to hear. Thanks for checking! :slight_smile:

Thank you, that truly means a lot! My apologies again about all the inactivity.

Here are two more:
1, Add-on “Separate learn and relearn cards in charts” does not show-up in Anki .40 anymore.

  1. True retention by Maturity.

Thanks for the report, Vit. I think the first one isn’t one of mine, but as for True Retention: Does it show up if you shift-click on the Stats link? That will open the legacy view of stats where the add-on should hopefully be visible. Sadly I haven’t had time yet to port the add-on to the new stats view (and not sure how complex that might be).

Do the newer versions fix the broken add-on Create Filtered Deck from the Browser? Went to 2.1.41 without realizing my favorite add-on was toast. Crossing fingers…

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This functionality was incorporated into vanilla Anki recently by the way.

Though if I recall correctly, the add-on also used to have a “Create filtered deck from selection” that’s not available natively yet.

Thanks! I saw that, it’s almost enough except the shortcut ctrl G didn’t work for me either (the regular shortcuts did though)