Anki 2.1.29 Beta

Yes, you’re right. this add-on

Thanks, the next beta should fix the title being in the wrong place. If the change to RTL webviews broke other things please let me know - I can roll it back before a stable release if it needs more work.

The ok/cancel/etc buttons are translated by Qt, and Qt unfortunately does not have translations available for all languages. The % figure being off in Pontoon is an unrelated issue.

old stats:

the answer buttons text in stats should look like this.
دائم (0%) | موقت (0%) | در حال یادگیری (88.55%)

and “No Data” in Persian should be like this:
فاقد داده

tested 2.1.28 beta6, these were like this in that version too. so it’s not about rtl webview (?)
(i think this usually happens when you try to write right-to-left when direction is left-to-right, so maybe new stats is still ltr?)
these are really minor details, so you could keep them like this and i don’t think no one would care

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Thanks, I’ve made some tweaks - it won’t be perfect, but should be better than before.

Beta 2 is now available.

Edit: Windows standard build has been updated to move Qt back another point release to fix AltGr.

Please, make one stable release that updates only after X amount of time have passed and a insiders release or whatever which updates regularly.

It’s really annoying to update to the new Anki versions and not be able to use addons, specially when Anki is highly dependant of them to be pleasing.

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Nobody is forcing you to update to newer Anki versions as soon as they are released.


can I use 2.1.29 beta on Windows and 2.1.28 on macOS, both with the same account and decks?

I have installed 2.1.29beta2. After starting Anki synced my profile to the current status and I did some reps.
Now I can’t sync. I get a message which reads I should do a database checkup and force full sync from preferences.
Database checkup doesn’t solve the sync problem but I’m afraid of doing the second step. Is it safe for my collection?

Beta 3 is now available, with a graphs fix and another attempt at fixing AltGr on Windows. If no issues are found in the next day or two, it’ll be released as 2.1.29 stable without further changes.

@mtylek yes, different Anki versions can usually be synced together. Forcing a full sync should be fine if the DB check did not report any problems.

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I’m still not able to type half space.
has it solved your AltGr problem? @anki @AnkiJeopardyHelp @mtylek

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I previously incorrectly assumed it was the same as the AltGr issue. I am surprised that you’re still having an issue with beta3 though, because it uses Qt 5.14.1 just like 2.1.26 did. Is it possible you need to clear out the install folder again as you did in the past?

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completely uninstalled it, deleted the installation folder. still not working.

installed 2.1.26 to see if this is a me problem, i’m able to type half space on that version.

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Ok, it looks like the PyQt maintainer is deleting old WebEngine versions when they upload a new version, so it’s only possible to download the 5.14.2 WebEngine now. You may be able to copy QtWebEngine*.dll from the .26 program folder to fix the issue - but it’s probably easier just to use the alternate version for now. Thanks for all the testing :slight_smile:


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Beta 4 is now available, with a fix for a regression in the future due graph. If no issues are found in the next day or so, it’ll be released as 2.1.29 stable without further changes.

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2.1.29 has been released as stable. It includes a fix that was not in beta 4:


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If you encounter any problems with the stable release, please report them in the Anki Desktop category.