An Excel-Like Way to Bulk-Edit Columns by Dragging Down?


I’m wondering if Anki has any way to drag a sequential number into a column across a series of cards? Here’s my thinking: basically right now I’ve created a new field called “Chapter” for one Note Type. And, there’s about a hundred cards using this.

I want to be able to quickly add a sequential number as the value there for each successive card.

It seems like from the Anki browser, I can only click on a card, go down to the bottom find the field enter a number. Click on the card go down to the bottom find the field enter a number.

Obviously, that would take a long time with 100 cards. Also, it would be a little mind-numbing since I’d also have to recall the sequence for each one.

Even MORE mind-numbing, if I have three or four chapters.

Excel has a feature where you can put a number in one cell, click on that cell then drag down and a sequential series of numbers will be automatically filled in.

Given that I’ve entered these 100 cards already, is there anyway you can see that I could replicate this efficiency? So that, somehow I could get into that column. Add a single variable. And then auto-generate a series of sequential numbers across a certain set of cards?

Either through Anki itself, or by exporting the data to some other application, even Excel itself?? - , and achieving it there for re-import.

Many thanks!


That’s easy. On the main window, click the cogwheel next to your deck and hit export, then select Notes in Plain Text (*.txt):

Each note will have its own line with tab-delimited felds, so you can just copy that into Excel, make your edit, then export the spreadsheet as tab-delimited .txt file (Microsoft Support: Import or export text (.txt or .csv) files) and reimport it with Anki (“Import File”-Button on the bottom of the main window).

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Hi @kleinerpirat ,

Ah! F A N T A S T I C !! I understand. A HUGE help! Many thanks!