An alternative to Memrise2Anki [support thread]

We wrote a Chrome extension that fulfills the role of the great Memrise2Anki addon (which doesn’t seem to function anymore and has no plans to be restored). The extension works with the current version of Memrise and enables downloading complete course data from the site in an Anki-compatible format

It also handles downloading audio and video files from courses and allows batch downloading of multiple courses at once.

Please leave your comments regarding the extension here or on the GitHub page. Any feedback is welcome.


First of all thank you for the add-on!

Could you please simply add more fields or columns ? It would help enormously.

Good courses have more info which might be important, for example:
Plural and inflected forms which are great for plural or for irregular verbs, then attributes like part of speech.

Thank you again

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Have you tried the “extra_info” setting?

Here is csv from the same course like the screenshot. There are no plural form in the row and the search also show only one result

And here are the settings

Did I do anything wrong?

Can you provide a link to the course?
Memrise stores data very irregularly, so I need to look into the specific example to find out, where the fields you want are located.


app.memrise.c om/course/1995282/c1-german-hueber-sicher/

I’ve updated the part of the script that handles downloading of extra data, taking into account the information you brought up. Now it works for both additional fields in the course you provided. Check out the new version of the extension!

The extra_info settings should still be turned on for those to be included in the spreadsheet. collapse_columns and learnable_ids can be kept at their default values, unless, of course, you changed them for some other reasons.

Wow … I’ve been using Anki for over a decade, and apparently, I’ve never felt the need to create a forum user account until today.

I just discovered your extension a couple of days ago, after I got re-re-fed up with Memrise and decided it’s time to emigrate away from them.

Awesome tool, thank you for making it. No complaints, no requests, no “please add/change/remove” favors … just, awesome extension.

And even more than the tool itself, really nice supporting documentation and supporting toolsets (all of the user-friendly “how to use to Anki” directions, the clean new note templates, etc.).

I’ll probably be back soon enough with begging posts for new/improved features or “how do I” questions, etc … but for now, just wanted to say thanks.


Thank you for the kind words. This will be my favorite comment on the whole internet now.

As an ex Memrise user myself, I understand the feeling.
The Memrise team made it clear that they prioritize the first impression in marketing over the interests of the longtime user base. They will not stop making one infuriating change after the other, even if it completely disrupts the learning experience. The users are practically held hostages by the platform, because of the amount of time and effort they invested into their study collections, especially someone who create their own courses.
I hope that more people will get to know about the tools to leave Memrise and get away from that sinking ship. Staying there, I believe, only does more harm to learning than good in the long run.

Don’t hesitate to do so. I will try and help in any way I can.



Can you enable the extension to download some MORE fields?

I want to see the Chinese (PINYIN) Currently its missing.

Links are broken deliberately. I can’t post a full link without error messages. ( .c om → .com)

app.memrise.c om/course/2021373/mandarin-chinese-1/

app.memrise.c om/course/2021381/mandarin-chinese-2/

FYI chinese pinyin looks like this: pīnyīn. It has symbols like má mā mà

Attached below is an image of my current CSV. it is missing the pinyin field. I think it would be the next field from looking at the app on my phone.

Attached below is an image of the Memrise App on my phone.

This is a great solution you have created. Easy to setup and use!

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Hm… this won’t be a simple one.
I will have to rewrite the whole system of how the fields are handled inside the extension in order to properly process all the different types of entries that are mixed together in these courses. It will take a while.

For now, I uploaded a quick fix that adds the additional field you requested. Maybe it will be sufficient for your purposes:
The downside is that the extra fields may appear in different order for different items.

If anything…
Maybe you can ask for a design like Memrise…
Something in this style

If you are asking about making an Anki card template, this is probably out of the scope of the current discussion about the Chrome extension. I have started a separate thread:

You can find the code for a base style from your screenshot there.


hi eltaurus

I am grateful for your efforts

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I made an Anki card template which replicates the basic Memrise design and functionality. You can take a look at it here:

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I really like it.
Can you embed the design in the deck you publish with the plugin?

Thank you.

If you are asking whether the data downloaded with the extension can be brought into this Memrise card template, then the answer is yes. You just open the downloaded deck file with Anki, which creates the Memrise Template (Lτ) note type, and then choose this note type when importing the downloaded Memrise courses.

I haven’t been to memrise in a very long time but was curious to see what’s happening :slight_smile: I’m very happy to see you are still helping folks move to Anki :grinning: Nice work man!!

Couple of addons I use:
Heatmaps: 1771074083
The KING of Buttons: 374005964
Progress Bar: 1097423555

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Thanks, man
It’s nice to see you here as well!

Also using the heatmap addon. Not at all surprising, but it’s worth highlighting to people coming from Memrise because it displays the number of reviews ahead of time – a feature Memrise was always so desperately lacking.

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I’ve finally made the long-due rework of the extension to handle arbitrary content of the extra fields. It seems to work with your courses well now, so you might want to update your data using the current version of the script.
(the readme is not up to date yet, but the default settings should do fine)