An alternative to Memrise2Anki [support thread]

Is there a way to get it to download the personal study data for each of the courses?

Downloading this data shouldn’t be a problem if the default Memrise json format is sufficient for your needs. What is your intended use case?

oh so i can just download the data from my memrise profile and just plug it into anki somehow?

The problem is that there is no way to just plug this data into Anki without writing a whole new tool for it first. At least, I am not aware of one.
If you do have a way of using the progress data, you can share what format you need it to be downloaded in, so that I can make the appropriate adjustments.

I would like to request an update on the instructions for the updated version of anki as it is quite different.

I can’t find any tutorials or instructions on what field mapping is and how to set up audio and images.
Thank you

This is marvellous, thank you so much. I have started downloading my private memrise courses. Is there a way of getting hold of the alternative meanings to words? For instance, I set up ‘der Laden’ as ‘shop, store’, but also included an alternative answer ‘das Geschäft’. And there can be more than one alternative. Perhaps there is a setting, but I have tweaked a couple of them without success.

Thanks for this tool! I’ve just gotten around to working with it, and it seems to be glitching for me on the download of audio files. This course, for instance:

[can’t include links] the “remembering-the-katakana-in-3-hours” course by nukemarine

It downloads 252 .mp3 files, but most of these are blank/silent or have audio pops or just a fraction of the actual audio. (playback in VLC) The original audio as played on Memrise is fine.

I’ll test later on a different machine / different installation of Chrome and see if it’s any better - maybe just me if no one else is running into this?

looks like a “me” problem. specifically, VLC is glitching out on the playback of these short audio files, and randomly/inconsistently so - one file will play fine, then later the same file is unintelligible.

I installed KMPlayer and it’s playing them all perfectly.

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I’m a little late to the party. I lost all my community courses today. Does this extension downloader work in the new Memrise community site where they exported all of the courses to? I want to be able to save the courses in a way I can import to Anki still. Thank-you.

Yes, I updated the script when they made the new url, so the current version should work with just the same.

Hello when i was doing one of the installation steps and got to “load unpacked Extentions” it gave me an error saying
invalid value for ‘content_security_policy’
Idk anything about programming and coding so hopefully you could guide me to the solution and thanks in advance!

Did the extension appear in the list of all extensions though? If it did, there should be a button “Error” that shows the details of the issue, what does it say?
If not, what versions of the extension and Chrome are you using?

It only has the retry and give up button
The version of the extension is 7.1
Chrome version: 55.0.2883.75 (64-bit)
Windows 8

Oh, that’s quite an old Chrome version. It was released way before the current version of the manifest format for extensions was created, so no wonder it fails to read the file. You’ll need to upgrade your browser to work with the extension. The last Chrome version for Windows 8 is 109 from the last year, as far as I know, but any other version released from 2019 onwards should do.

It worked! Thanks!

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For some reason it is giving me this message.

Did you update to the latest version?
You should see the number 7.1 next to the name in the extension manager:

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you still see the message with this version?
can you send me the link to the course?

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I sent you a personal message.

on this forum or somewhere else?
I don’t see it anywhere for some reason.
UPD: ok, got it.

for anyone else encountering issue with “…open Memrise course tab” with extension v7.1 – try opening the main page for a course (the level overview) and proceed from there. It appears that Memrise is implementing a new link format for review sessions and stuff, but the basic course/level ones remain the same, so they should be working as before.

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