Memrise card template [support thread]

Here is an Anki card template mimicking Memrise’s looks and functionality:

Instructions on how to import and use the template can be found on GitHub at the above link. If you have any further questions or suggestions please feel free to post them here. I would appreciate any feedback as it helps to see how useful this template is in general.

An interactive demo for previewing the replicated styles and layout is available here.


If anyone is interested in restoring the old mems functionality with Anki take a look at this thread.


Some other tools for the transition from Memrise to Anki:

It is uploaded to Ankiweb now

The card also fixes the layout bugs, such as jumping text on answer submission and cropped fonts, present in the original design:

jumping text

cropped font


I absolutely love it!!
In the current situation, it does not compare the input to the correct answer.
like in the picture


can you fix it?

Also, more card types should be added, with the option of learning with audio. As in the card you posted in the original add-on.

Thank you for the support!!
There really is no reason to stay in Memrise anymore…

Thank you. Please consider upvoting the deck on Ankiweb.

I have audio on the todo list, so thank you for writing about it, this helps prioritize the things that actually matter.

It will take a bit to replicate the styles for the audio buttons, but if you just want to add a functioning listening card, you can easily do it:

  1. go to ToolsManage Note Types, select the Memrise note type, and press Cards
  2. in the top right corner press Options and Add Card Type (you can rename the new card type through this menu as well)
  3. Replace {{Definition}} with {{Audio}} to use it as a prompt on the front of this card type:
    you might also want to replace {{type:Learnable}} with {{type:Definition}}, depending on what you want to be tested on.

To add the audio on the back of any of the card types you need to copy one of
the Extra sections and change the word Extra to Audio in four places:

Well, since Memrise does not show such a comparison, I replaced the default Anki way of displaying the typed answer with the style Memrise uses. It can be reverted back, of course, but this will no longer be a Memrise card template, so I’m not sure how it is supposed to work in this case.

If you want to bring the Anki typing bar back instead of the Memrise one, I can instruct you on how to modify your template accordingly.

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Added fully functioning and animated audio buttons:

The demo is also updated for previewing the buttons interactively.

More layout improvements to the Memrise design:

  • Fixed blurred icons on hover

Icons blurring

  • Added keyboard navigation

Keyboard navigation

It takes 24h for AnkiWeb to display the update, but the new version of the template is already available on GitHub.


Hi - firstly, thanks so much for the Memrise->Anki script and for this template which makes settling in here so much easier by making things look and behave in a more familiar fashion!
Are you aware that the template randomly swallows spaces typed into the answers, both when pressing enter or by clicking See Answer? I see this on Windows, Android, and the Chromebook, all of them with latest Anki and template version.

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I haven’t tested it on the latest Anki version yet, but on the previous one spaces seemed to work normally. Can you describe in more detail, what you mean by “template randomly swallows spaces”? I’d like to check that for the next template update.

Hi - it obviously didn’t do it today, so I don’t have screen shots…
Essentially - if I typed a correct multi-word answer (eg ‘this is the right answer’) it would react in one of 3 ways

  • accept all the spaces and flag as correct
  • accept some of the spaces (eg ‘thisis the rightanswer’) and flag as incorrect
  • accept none of the spaces (‘thisistherightanswer’) and flag as incorrect

I presumed this might be the fuzzy matching you perform, but again, it doesn’t seem to show this effect today…

managed to capture two instances this morning:

Thank you for your work! This is amazing, I was so upset that I was not able to find something similar to Memrise, and now I finally found a solution, thanks to you.
I am also waiting for the audio cards! :slight_smile:

I am completely new to Anki so maybe my question is not the smartest one.

Does this template also repeat Memrise spaced repetition intervals automatically, or not? I just do not get if I should choose myself how hard it was after the wrong answer (I mean buttons ‘again, hard, good, easy’). Because if I ignore these buttons and just click on any place on the screen instead, then it goes forward, so I have no idea what happens If I ignore these buttons.

You can adjust how Anki handles your review intervals in a deck’s settings. You can set intervals to work as they were on Memrise if you want, but I suggest just keeping the default ones, because they are generally better than the Memrise review scheduling.

Simply ignore the ‘easy’ and ‘hard’ buttons for the time being – you can learn about them when you feel ready. Just choose ‘good’ on correct answers and ‘again’ on the wrong ones (this is also how the template is supposed to rate a card when you press ‘Enter’, but it seems this function doesn’t work in the latest version of Anki the same way it worked in the previous one).

Hi. New to the forum and relatively new to Anki too!
This template is wonderful! I wanted to ask if it is possible to create cloze sentences within the template.

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Cloze Deletion cards are a separate type of cards, that cannot be created in the same note type as the standard cards. But some styling from the template can of course be copied to a cloze-type card to make it look similar.

I see. What is the best way to do that?

Making the necessary modifications turned out to be easier than describing them properly, so here is a cloze card template with Memrise styling for you:

It is only a draft, as I still have quite a backlog of changes and fixes to implement in the original template before I can invest much time into this, but the basic functionality seems to work, and if you require any further adjustments for this cloze template, I might be able to provide some help with those.


Hello! I’m glad to hear that you find the template I created very useful.

I’d like to make a few modifications to the template and would like to inquire about it. In this template, when the correct answer is given, it automatically proceeds to the next question after a few seconds. I would like to play audio on the correct answer screen.

I want to prevent it from automatically transitioning on the correct answer screen and add an audio button to that screen. How can I achieve this?

There seems to be some confusion, which template are you talking about?

For this you’ll need to find and comment out this line:

You can do this by moving the audio section out of the div that hides extra info from being displayed on the back of a card right away. So change this:


into this:


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I meant that I’m using the template you made well.
I’m using ChatGPT translation and there was an error in what I was trying to convey.

I modified the part and audio part that are automatically graded when you get the correct answer from the memization template according to the method you told me.

It all works neatly. Thank you for your kind reply.


Hey that’s awesome!

I love your active work on this template, since memrise is sure to cancel support for community courses completely.

I’ve created a deck that’s helping me greatly, and I have no issue on desktop. However, on AnkiDroid, it doesn’t show me the solution text:

is it because of dark mode?

many greetings