Always show **Card Count** statistics

It was not obvious to me where I would find how many cards were buried today because when I searched for it, I did not see anything saying buried cards. Only after looking back at the old stats (Shift+Click) that I realized the buried count could be on the new Card Counts. Then, I finally hovered that graph and figured out where my buried count cards were on.

As that graph has only 1 “bar/line”, it would be better just to always show the hovered results instead of waiting for the “bar/line” to be hovered.




(Old graph with buried explicitly/always showing)



Assuming nobody chimes in with objections, happy to accept a PR that makes this change.

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Related to this, I think there will be users who prefer data over mouse hover and other users who prefer having the data displayed at all times. Perhaps a new setting option to toggle between the two modes?

Is that you saying you prefer the current approach, or are you just making a suggestion? Every extra option increases the maintenance burden, so for things like this, I’d prefer to just go with approach the majority prefer.

A simple pool should help us :wink:

  • Always hover with mouse
  • Always show the results
  • Have an option to switch hover/show

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Last time it didn’t occured me that all info in hover is “not shown” when generating the PDF file. So another way is to have the option when exporting, if that makes maintenence a little easier.

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The next build will show the counts permanently.